Ushering in a promising New Year with a concrete, feasible, and realistic strategy for the MeToo! public to be taken seriously as it shouts “Enough is enough! We won’t take unaccountable judges’ abuse anymore”


Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.
Ph.D., University of Cambridge, England
M.B.A., University of Michigan Business School
D.E.A., La Sorbonne, Paris
Judicial Discipline Reform
New York City,

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A. The most propitious time to expose the abuse of the most powerful public officers in our country: unaccountable judges

  1. Judges dispose of people’s property, liberty, and all the rights and duties that frame their lives. They affect you and your friends and family, whether you are a party before them or are subject to the precedential effect of their decisions. For proof of judges’ power, consider that a single judge of the Federal Judiciary, the model for its state counterparts, suspended nationwide the Muslim travel ban of a president that campaigned on the promise of issuing it and was elected by more than 62.5 million people; and three appellate judges of one circuit upheld the suspension nationwide. Are you confident that judges are so much in owe of you that they will respect your right to due process and equal protection of the law at the expense of their own convenience or profit?
  2. However, the astonishing event of last December 18 provides evidence that the accusers of abusive judges can be taken seriously as a result of the transformation of an intimidated public of abusees into a MeToo! public of courageous accusers:

Former 9th Circuit Chief Judge Alex Kozinski
resigned unexpectedly on accusations of sexual abuse
and the impending investigation by his own peers.

  1. This means that women have been emboldened enough by the MeToo! attitude to accuse even a mighty life-tenured, in practice irremovable federal judge. They are expected to be taken so seriously by other women and men that an accused judge resigns rather than be investigated by his peers.
  2. The resignation of Judge Kozinski is all the more astonishing because he was on the bench for 35 years. So he must have collected numerous IOUs from his peers and their friends over the years on the strength of which he could wield powerful leverage over them. Yet, he could not cash them in to have the accusations against him dismissed, prevent the investigation of him by his peers, or ensure that it would be a whitewash.
  3. Though federal judges are appointed for life and as such the most firmly established members of the Establishment, not even they can take for granted any longer that they will be held unaccountable for their abuse, regardless of the nature of such abuse.

    B. Concrete, feasible, and realistic strategy to expose judges’ abuse of any kind

  4. Our strategy is to cause the MeToo! public to accuse judges who have abused their power in any way, even where their abuse is not sexual in nature. This includes abuse through their perfunctoriness(†>OL2:608§A) and wrongdoing(*>jur:5§3, *>OL:154¶3). Judges’ abuse harms litigants as well as the rest of We the People, who must bear the consequences of their decisions, as was the case after the Muslim travel ban was suspended.

† * The materials corresponding to the (blue text references) are found in my study of judges and their judiciaries, titled and downloadable thus:

Exposing Judges’ Unaccountability and
Consequent Riskless Wrongdoing:
Pioneering the news and publishing field of
judicial unaccountability reporting

* Volume 1: >all prefixes:page number up to OL:393

Volume 2: >from OL2:394

            1. The concrete, feasible, and realistic elements of our strategy are:

a.  to inform(OL2:631, 634) the public through emails, presentations(623), and allies of result(607), about judges’ abuse and provoke such national outrage at abusive judges as to encourage ever more abusees to come forward with their MeToo! accusations of any kind of abuse until the public shouts self-assertively

Enough is enough!
We won’t take unaccountable judges’ abuse anymore!

b.  to cause the outraged public together with the media and journalists acting in their own commercial and professional interest to insert the issue of abusive judges in the 2018 primaries and mid-term elections;

c.  to force politicians, lest they be voted out of, or not into, office, to call for, and hold, nation- and state-wide televised public hearings on judges’ unaccountability and consequent riskless abuse of power, which will provide the most visible forum for exposing the nature, extent, and gravity of judges’ abuse, and demonstrate the profound judicial reform required to prevent, detect, and punish it;

d.  to cause the hearing findings so to intensify public outrage at judges’ abuse of power in connivance with politicians(†>OL2:610§3) as to make it no longer avoidable by Congress to convoke the constitutional convention petitioned by the constitutionally required 34 states since April 2014; and

e.  to enable the People, the masters in ‘government of, by, and for the people’, to adopt a new system for holding their public servants, including judicial public servants, account-able and liable to compensate the victims of their abuse of power. Just as judges hold lawyers, doctors, police officers, and even the President accountable, they too should be held accountable. But today they are unaccountable Judges Above the Law.

C. Reaching out to MeToo! abusees to turn them into accusers requires donations

7. These are some of the means for reaching out to MeToo! abusees and the rest of the public:

a. mass emailing and what is still more professional even if slower and more expensive, that is, mass mailing of a formal business letter(OL2:641) to potential organizers of…

b.  presentations at law, journalism, business, and Information Technology schools, civic organizations, and press conferences(OL:197§G);

c.  the upgrading of the website at to make it a clearinghouse for complaints against, and decisions of, judges, uploaded by the public and researched by it with the assistance of search engines to find the most convincing evidence of abuse of power: patterns of bias and wrongdoing(jur:274, 304);

d.  the investigation of the unlawful interception(OL2:633§D, 583§3, 526¶56) of the communications of advocates of honest judiciaries by those who have the most to lose from the exposure of judges’ abuse, and who intercept them in violation of the First Amendment guarantee of “freedom of speech, [] of the press, [] the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”(jur:2212b). Exposing judges’ interception as a means of silencing their accusers and covering up their wrongdoing would provoke national outrage and vastly contribute to inserting the issue of their abuse in the mid-term campaigning.

8. Implementing this strategy costs a lot of effort and money. Therefore, I encourage you to make a gift in this season of giving in behalf of your own and the common interest in exposing judges’ abuse and ensuring their accountability to We the People.

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I hope that we can join forces to usher in the New Year of the MeToo! People for Justice.

Dare trigger history!(*>jur:7§5)…and you may enter it.


Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.
Judicial Discipline Reform
New York City,,,

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