Candidates are held to account for their positions; judges are held unaccountable and do wrong risklessly, harming your property, your liberty, and all the rights and duties that frame your life

Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.
Ph.D., University of Cambridge, England
M.B.A., University of Michigan Business School
D.E.A., La Sorbonne, Paris

Judicial Discipline Reform
New York City

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Mr. Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.
725 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10022

Dear Mr. Trump,

You requested on the Internet input for your debate with Sec. Clinton. Here is mine.

It rests firmly on your statement at the Values Conference that the most important decision that a president has to make short of declaring war is to nominate justices to the Supreme Court. It points to the importance to you and the American people of appointing honest justices:

a. Although 2,293 federal judges were in office on 30sep15(*>jur:22fn13), in the last 227 years since the creation of the Federal Judiciary in 1789, the number of them impeached and removed is 8!(jur:21§1).

1) If the president and his or her cabinet were appointed to office for life and were in effect irremovable, would you and voters fear that they would abuse their power in self-interest?

2) If your bosses were unaccountable and secured in their position for life, would they too develop a sense of entitlement and become abusive and self-centered? That is why the judiciary has become a safe haven for Wrongdoing Judges Above the Law(jur:49§4).

* All (blue text references) herein are keyed to Dr. Cordero’s study of judges and their judiciaries titled and downloadable as follows:

Exposing Judges’ Unaccountability
and Consequent Riskless Wrongdoing:
Pioneering the news and publishing field of
judicial unaccountability reporting

Volume 1: >all prefixes:# up to ol:393

Volume 2: >from ol2:394

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b. Chief circuit judges abuse judges’ self-disciplining authority by dismissing 99.82%(jur:10-14) of complaints against their peers; with other judges they deny up to 100% of appeals to review such dismissals(jur:24§b). By judges immunizing themselves from liability for their wrongdoing, they deny complainants their 1st Amendment right to “redress of grievances”(ol2:364fn12).

c. Circuit judges appoint bankruptcy judges(jur:43fn61a), whose rulings come on appeal before their appointers, who protect them. In CY 2010, these appointees decided who kept or received the $373 billion at stake in only personal bankruptcies(42fn60). Money! lots of money! the most insidious corruptor(jur:27§2). It has fueled a bankruptcy fraud scheme(65§B; jur:xxxv-xxxviii).

d. In the Federal Judiciary, the model for its state counterparts, its circuit judges dispose of 93% of appeals on procedural grounds and with “unsigned, unpublished, without comment, by consolidation decisions”(ol2:457§D) so perfunctory that the judges do not even have to read the pleadings to rubberstamp a ¢5 form where the only operative word is overwhelmingly “Affirmed” and which they deprive of precedential value. But they require parties to pay a filing fee of $505. It is a scam! It is bound to outrage the public and rally it and the media behind your call that…

e…the media should investigate wrongdoing in the Judiciary through two unique, national stories(ol2:440): P. Obama-Justice Sotomayor –while a nominee she was suspected by NYT, WP, and Politico of concealing assets(jur:65fn107a,c); and Judiciary-NSA on interception of communications of critics of judges(ol2:476), which can explode into a scandal bigger than Snowden’s.

There is probable cause to believe that my communications with other critics and victims of wrongdoing judges have been intercepted(ol2:425). That can be ascertained by IT experts, just as Former CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson(ol:215) and CBS hired such experts and they ascertained that her personal and work computers had been hacked. On that basis, she has sued through her attorneys at Judicial Watch(ol:216fn2) the Department of Justice for $35 million for hacking her computers in search of files on her investigative reporting on the attacks at the Benghazi embassy and the fiasco of DoJ’s Fast and Furious gunrunning operation(ol:346¶131).

At the debate, your denunciation of wrongdoing(ol2:437) by judges, some confirmed by Then-Sen. Clinton, and proposal of those stories can:

a. launch a Watergate-like generalized media investigation of judicial wrongdoing, one narrowly focused at the top of the national government, where it sets the example for all lower federal judges and their state counterpartes, and cost-effective;

b. let you set the campaign’s key issue;

c. rally the huge(ol:311) untapped voting bloc of the dissatisfied with the judiciary to your website(ol:362; ol2:444), ideas(ol2:423), and business(ol2:463); and

d. pave the way for your calling for nationally televised hearings on judges’ wrongdoing, similar those held by the 9/11 Commission and the Senate Watergate Committee, and to a historic reform(jur:158§§6-8) of the judiciary that empowers We the People to hold accountable Judges Above the Law and turns you into our Champion of Justice.

I respectfully request a meeting to present this input to you and your officers.

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Dare trigger history!(*>jur:7§5)…and you may enter it.


Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.
Judicial Discipline Reform
New York City,,,

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Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.

Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq., is a doctor of law and researcher-writer attorney. He is a member of the New York State Bar and lives in New York City. He earned his doctorate of law from the University of Cambridge in England, where his thesis dealt with the integration of the banking industry in the European Union. He earned a French law degree from La Sorbonne in Paris, where he concentrated on currency stability and the abuse of dominant positions by entities in commerce, similar to American antitrust law. He also earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of Michigan, where he concentrated on the use of computers and their networks to maximize workflow efficiency and productivity. Dr. Cordero worked as a researcher-writer at the preeminent publisher of analytical legal commentaries, Lawyers Cooperative Publishing, a member of West/Thomson Reuters. There he wrote commentaries on the regulation of financial activities under federal law. Currently at Judicial Discipline Reform, he is promoting the creation of a multidisciplinary academic and business team to advocate judges’ accountability and discipline reform. The need for such reform is based on his analysis of official statistics, reports, and statements of the Federal Judiciary and its judges, who are the models for their state counterparts. That analysis is set forth in his study of the Federal Judiciary and its judges, the models for their state counterparts: Exposing Judges’ Unaccountability and Consequent Riskless Wrongdoing: Pioneering the news and publishing field of judicial unaccountability reporting; Dr. Cordero offers to make a presentation at a video conference or in person to you and your colleagues of the evidence of judicial wrongdoing so that you may learn how to join the effort to expose it and bring about judicial reform. Contact him at Dare trigger history!(* >jur:7§5)…and you may enter it. *

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